What is an
Vedik Maths?

Improves Focus, Memory & Concentration

Has your child Math Phobia?

Do he/she hate doing sums and other mathematical problems?

Have you tried to leverage the benefits of Vedic maths classes?

We as parents are always concerned about our child’s development in academics especially when it comes to Mathematics. There are many options and alternatives available to a parent today to ensure complete all-around development, especially in Mathematics. One of them is Vedic Maths which was discovered in India.

Vedic Maths is one of the fastest Mental Maths systems. It has its roots in Ancient Indian Scriptures called the Vedas meaning ‘the fountain-head of knowledge. This is commonly used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and also to solve complex mathematics such as Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry. Vedic Maths has 16 sutras(formulas) which one needs to practice in order to be efficient in the Vedic Math system. Sutras such as Vertically and Crosswise, All from Nine, and Last from ten helps to solve complex problems with ease and convenience. These are the major aspects of Vedic maths.

When Vedic Math is practiced in all its right methods it can help the kids to solve the challenging questions of mathematics. It motivates kids to calculate mentally. Improves mental ability, creativity, sharpness, intelligence and makes them more confident.

Learning Vedic Maths reduces the dependency on calculators and also provides a set of independent cross-checking methods. So, get ready to explore the benefits of Vedic maths classes for your kid.

For the kids who are not very fond of solving mathematical problems. Vedic math classes will help them with simple methods which makes them solve problems easily. They will overcome the challenges that they face otherwise in their routine homework. The kids who are good at maths already can still leverage out of Vedic maths classes as it will help them by solving mathematical problems faster. It caters to all need’s learners.

Vedic Maths Classes enhance the ability for numbers among kids. It helps them to solve problems accurately related to cube roots, cubes, square roots, and squares in an easier way. They will be able to solve calculations calmly & confidently.

Vedic maths helps learners with making calculations mentally which helps them to focus and concentrate more actively. Focusing & concentration helps them to improve their memory as well.

Vedic maths classes help learners with quick formulas which save time hence enhancing speed in calculations faster and of course with accuracy. Vedic Maths helps to solve mathematical problems with zero usage of calculators.

When a kid is weak in any subject it makes them get a phobia for it, because it makes them stressed and sad. The Vedic maths classes will help kids to learn maths and become confident resulting in fondness for the subject. It will lead to ending maths phobia if any.

When the basics are clear, simple and a strong foundation is made in a kid for Vedic maths, he/she can solve any number of problems using his/her intuition skills. All they need is the zeal to dive into it.

Students who are enrolled in Vedic maths classes get a high impact on their mathematical skills which later helps them in competitive exams such as CAT. It also makes them better with other subjects such as physics etc.

Take Away
Vedic Maths has numerous benefits and one of which is that helps to calculate 10 to 15 times faster than modern mathematics, with almost no usage of calculators. It is recommended for all students above the age of 5 years old, not only it helps in faster and accurate calculations but also makes kid fond of mathematics. The online Vedic maths classes offered by Piggyride will help them in a better way as all classes are for beginners and will cover everything from scratch. The classes will be offered by highly qualified & experienced Vedic maths instructors.