Pama competitions or mental calculations with abacus are held among children, and the purpose of holding these competitions is to cultivate the mind and develop the functions of the brain hemispheres. Participating in these competitions has made many children learn new lessons and strengthen their self-confidence, memory and other functions.
Getting to know more about PAMA International Competition Association.

PAMA GLOBAL is a non-profit organization that was launched in 1999 as the most important organization for mental computing education. The main center of this association is in Taiwan, which is chaired by Mr. David Liu. Currently, more than 20 countries are members of this association, including countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, South Africa, Vietnam, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, India, Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan and Iran.

India has been an observer since 2015 and officially participates in international PAMA competitions since 2016. Every year a country hosts these competitions. The last PAMA international competition after the finish of Corona was held in South Korea in 2022, In 2023 Iindia is hosting 21st PAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition 2023.

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