What is an
Expert Write?

Handwriting Methodology

Expert Write

After years of research and testing it out on over 10000 students and successfully running different 72 handwriting and Abacus center, we now offer our handwriting methodology to be adapted in school anywhere in the world as our curriculum is relevant in any part of the world with or without area specific customization.

  • Provide opportunities for all our students to reach the best levels of achievement of which they are capable.
  • Impart information, skills and processes which prepare students to function effectively in a rapidly changing world.
  • Make full use of opportunities and resources available in the school.
  • Recognize the importance and encourage cooperation and communication between home and school

Course Objectives

  • Learn Marathi, Hindi and English Cursive with a cognitive approach to make letters legible.
  • Improve student’s personal image and self confidence.

Core Methodology

Writing is a complex act and physical factors, including hand eye coordination, flexibility of wrist movement, and the grip of the writing instrument, play a part in the development of handwriting skills. Other factors include attitude and discipline. If handwriting is important to a writer he or she will expend more effort in good handwriting.

The core methodology object is to make students

  • Get the position and the motor movements that aid handwriting physically correct.
  • Understand the construction of handwriting.
  • Use correct pencil / pen grasp, book position and sitting posture for writing.
  • Enjoy the process; develop a sensual and aesthetic appreciation of handwriting.